Friends of Grasslands Award Guidelines

Life Membership

Guidelines for award of ‘Honorary Life Membership’

The Honorary Life membership is a special award that recognises exceptional service by a member or former member of Friends of Grasslands. This in accordance with Section 12, Part III, Honorary Life Membership as set out in the FOG Constitution rules dated 12 March 2015.

The following conditions apply:

Exceptional service

Exceptional service is considered to be service that involves a significant and enduring contribution to Friends of Grasslands, including on-ground work and organisation of FOG activities, as well as other activities that support FOG’s objectives for the conservation of natural temperate grassy ecosystems in south-eastern Australia.

Guidelines for award of ‘Certificate of Recognition’

The Certificate of Recognition award may be presented to naturalists, scientists, advocates, administrators, landholders and/or land managers and others who make a substantial contribution to the better understanding, management, restoration or protection of native grassy ecosystems in Australia.

Guidelines for award of ‘Certificate of Appreciation’

The Certificate of Appreciation may be presented to members or non-members who make an important contribution to the work of Friends of Grasslands.