Annual General Meetings and Annual Reports

Friends of Grasslands holds an annual general meeting each year in accordance with its constitution. Relevant papers from recent meetings are included here.

2021 AGM papers (pdf 0.2MB);  2020 annual report (pdf, 5MB);  2021 auditors report (pdf 1.3MB)

2020 revised AGM papers for rescheduled AGM (pdf, 0.2MB, includes agenda, president's report; 2019 AGM draft minutes); original 2020 AGM papers (pdf, 0.3MB; includes agenda, president's report; 2019 AGM draft minutes); 2019 audited accounts (pdf, 1MB); 2019 annual report (pdf, 10MB)

2019 AGM notice of meeting (pdf, 0.1MB); 2018 annual report (pdf, 9MB), 2019 AGM papers (agenda, auditors report, financial statements, draft 2018 minutes: pdf, 3.6MB)

2018 AGM notice of meeting and agenda (pdf, 0.1MB), 2017 annual report (pdf 2MB)

2017 AGM agenda (pdf, 0.3MB), 2016 annual report, 2017 AGM draft minutes, statement on award of life memberships (pdf, 0.1MB)

2016 notice of meeting, 2015 annual report (pdf file, 0.6MB), 2016 AGM minutes

2015 notice of meeting (pdf, 0.2MB), 2014 annual report, 2015 AGM draft minutes

2014 notice of meeting (pdf, 0.1MB), 2013 annual report, 2014 AGM minutes

2013 AGM minutes

Reports for earlier years were published in the FoG newsletter (sometimes under the heading President's report).