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FoG visits many private or public properties during the year to assist in plant identification and management issues. These visits usually do not appear in the FoG program because we may not know what to expect at such sites and because they are usually arranged at short notice. If you are interested in participating in property visits, Contact Us.

Please advertise this information amongst your friends and networks and support our activities.

Non FoG members are welcome to participate in FoG events.

For any FoG activity you should register with the indicated contact, who can assist with directions and possibly car pooling. By registering you assist us to organise any catering and provide you with any other information that you may need, including late changes. For all FoG activities please supply your emergency contact person's details when registering.


Summary of upcoming FOG Events

Summary of upcoming FOG Work parties

National Lands Group. Register:

Budjan Galindji (Franklin Reserve). Register: Wed 28 Feb 9-11:30am

Hall Cemetery - Inquiries and registration: Sat 2 Mar 9-11am

Summary of Notices

20, 27, 28 April (from 10am each day) Lawson Landcare Grassland Restoration (intersection of Nevertire St and Wanderlight Ave, Lawson). Registration and queries:

19 Mar 9-10am 2024, FOG members Andrew Zelnik and Margaret Ning on 2XX, (98.3FM) Radio Landcare.

Changes to FOG newsletter dispatch in 2024.

Details of FOG Events

Sat 10 Feb 9-12:30pm, Focussing on Lawson North. Led by Rainer Rehwinkel, we shall start at the Reservoir Hill carpark, walk up to and along the edge of the Lawson North site, to discuss the latest developments, then a break at SV’s Café, then continue to Lawson South to view Reservoir Hill and Lawson Landcare’s proposed grassland restoration site. If time allows, we can visit nearby Dawn Cres, a highly diverse grassland that is being mown to within an inch of its life! Register:

Sun 18 Feb 9-12:30pm, Hall Horse paddocks - the horses are coming! Come for a wander in a high quality shady woodland which will have eleven horses reintroduced following a three month break. They will have been back for about a week by the time we get there, and perhaps we can judge the impact of their presence? Native grass species are a feature of the area, including newly discovered Paspalidium distans which is rare in the ACT. There may be some summer orchids. Local resident Christian will be our guide, we can discuss management issues as we wander. Then we shall pop into Hall Cemetery for a quick look at the different management issues there, and to admire the increasing Microlaena understorey.

Sat 16 Mar 9:30-3:30pm, Another FOG visit to the Tinderries. What flowers in March? Come along and enjoy the flora, views and the company, as we continue to expand the species list for this property. We shall visit some different vegetation types to last time, and possibly a neighbour’s place.

Early warning of FOG future eventsts

Events and dates are indicative and may be subject to change. Details will be advised as more information is available.

Details of FOG work parties


Participants need to register for these events at least two days before the event, to confirm details of the starting locations or any last-minute changes. Note: work includes weeding, planting and rubbish removal. Herbicides are often used so these events are not suitable for young children. Tools are provided. You need to wear gardening clothes (including hat) and solid footwear appropriate for the work and the weather, and bring your own drinking water. The work party convener may provide morning tea, making these pleasant social occasions. Events will be cancelled if the weather is unsuitable: a) the forecast is 35 deg C+, b) it is a total fire ban day, c) there is lightning, d) air quality is hazardous, or e) heavy rain.

National Lands Group - Inquiries and registration:

FOG’s National Lands Group is responsible for work on National Lands (Gurubung Dhaura/Stirling Park, Scrivener’s Hut, State Circle, Blue Gum Point & Yarramundi Grassland) managed by the National Capital Authority and Blue Gum Point managed by ACT Transport Canberra and City Services (TCCS). Work parties with 10 to 30 participants held on Sunday mornings between 8:30 am and 1 pm unless otherwise stated:

Budjan Galindji (Franklin Reserve) - Inquiries and registration: The Budjan Galindji (Franklin Reserve) Parkcare Group is organised by FOG and ACT Parkcare. Work parties have largely focused on plant identification and removing weeds, and some planting of grasses and forbs is planned. We are working closely with Ranger Stephen. This is a great opportunity for participants in the group to learn about grassland plants and weeds and their management, and more generally how to restore our precious grasslands, including selecting, growing and reintroducing plants. Work parties are from 9- 11.30am on the first and fourth Wednesday of the month.

Hall Cemetery - Inquiries and registration:

FOG has held regular work parties at Hall Cemetery since 2009, aiming to remove weeds and restore the native grasses and wild flowers that were once present. Work parties are held from 9am-11am. You need to bring your own working tool, and dress sensibly.

Top Hut TSR, near Cooma, NSW. Contact: No dates planned for 2024 as yet.

Scottsdale Monitoring. Inquiries & contact:

Details of Notices

20, 27, 28 April (from 10am each day) Lawson Landcare Grassland Restoration (intersection of Nevertire St and Wanderlight Ave, Lawson). Registration/ queries: Rainer Rehwinkel and others have been busy preparing the site (including spraying weeds) for the project that Lawson Landcare has been successful in gaining funding for. The aim is to connect two small remnants containing high quality grassy understoreys.

Ginninderra Catchment Group usually come along to these events with coffee, tea and biscuits for morning tea. As these days may turn out to be full-day events, I'd suggest participants bring their lunches and some drinks, and we could break for lunch. People can arrive (from 10am) or peel off at any time. There are no toilets at the site, but people will be welcome to use Rainer's in his nearby unit. Please bring a hat, sturdy boots, gloves, sunscreen, plenty of water, and any favoured tools (shovel, garden fork, rake, wheelbarrow, buckets). Contact Rainer (above) for a copy of the Project Plan and more info, if needed.

19 Mar 9-10am 2024, FOG members Andrew Zelnik and Margaret Ning on 2XX, (98.3FM) Radio Landcare. FOG members Andrew Zelnik and Margaret Ning will join Queanbeyan Landcare’s Tom Baker and FOG member Margaret Piper to discuss what is happing in the FOG world, including activities and issues.

FOG newsletter to be despatched electronically in 2024. The FOG committee has recently reviewed how the bi-monthly newsletter is distributed. Looking at it from an environmental perspective (paper), the saving on postal costs (which are expected to increase to $1.50 this year), and the saving in volunteer labour to send it out, the decision has been made to go electronic. We hope that members will understand the need for this decision, and enjoy receiving the electronic version which will be in full colour. Or perhaps print it themselves if that is their preference.

For members without an email address the default despatch will obviously still be hard copy. If you think your internet may be too challenged by the new arrangement, please be assured that none of the newsletters despatched over the last twelve months has exceeded 2.5Mb in size.

If there is another reason you prefer a paper copy, please contact Margaret ( with your reason.

Please advertise these events among your friends and networks. Non FoG members are welcome to FoG events. For inquiries or if you have an item to include, please Contact Us