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FoG visits many private or public properties during the year to assist in plant identification and management issues. These visits usually do not appear in the FoG program because we may not know what to expect at such sites and because they are usually arranged at short notice. If you are interested in participating in property visits, Contact Us.

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For any FoG activity you should register with the indicated contact, who can assist with directions and possibly car pooling. By registering you assist us to organise any catering and provide you with any other information that you may need, including late changes. For all FoG activities please supply your emergency contact person's details when registering.


Summary of upcoming FOG Events

Tues 16 May 6:00pm Save Lawson Grasslands at the Food Co-Op 3 Kingsley St, Civic. To attend, please register.

Sat 20 May 9:30am for an all day Tinderry wander. Register:

Sat 10 June 10:00am Exploring a Majors Creek property. Register:

Sat 15 July 2:00pm to 4:00pm, Bringing life back to Tuggeranong Creek. Register:

Summary of upcoming FOG Work parties

National Lands Group. Register:

Sat 12 Aug 9-12:30pm Gurubung Dhaura / Stirling Park

Budjan Galindji (Franklin Reserve). Register:

Wed 24 May 9-11:30am

Wed 7 & 28 Jun 9-11:30am

Wed 5 & 26 July 9-11:30am

Summary of Notices

Any suggestions for FOG activities over winter? Contact:

Sat 3 June 6:30-10:30pm, World Environment Day Dinner, ConCouncil fund raiser at the Albert Hall. To book:

Conservation Covenanted Property looking for new custodians. Contact Jenny 0466005734.

Details of FOG Events

Tues 16 May 6:00pm Save Lawson Grasslands at the Food Co-Op 3 Kingsley St, Civic. To attend register here.

Join us to learn about the Save Lawson Grassland campaign’s next steps. If you can attend earlier, you may hang out with friends and paint some banners.  The campaign was initiated by FOG and the Conservation Council when Defence Housing Australia proposed to build on 15.8ha of critically endangered Natural Temperate Grassland and 1.31 ha of critically endangered Box Gum Woodland at Lawson North, the former naval transmission station. Last year the proposal went through its first round of approvals under national environment legislation. Despite many submissions, including from FOG, calling for the development to be stopped – it has proceeded to the next stage.  Speakers are: Frances Bradshaw, senior solicitor with the Environmental Defenders Office, Peta Bulling, Conservation Council, and Geoff Robertson, Friends of Grasslands.

Sat 20 May 9:30am start for an all day Tinderry wander. Register:

This 500ac property straddles the Tinderry range, with a large variation of altitude (870m to 1400m), amazing views (almost the entire ACT from the main lookout, and as far as Nimmitabel to the south – nearly 100km), and myriad vegetation types. This will be a combination walk/drive program, and a sampler tour of the property with its views and vegetation, including large granite outcrops, large eucalypts, a swamp area, and the most accessible grassland areas (at 1300m!). It is an all day activity, with the possibility for participants to get back to their vehicles at nearly any stage. BYO lunch, snacks, water, etc. and wear/bring warm clothing.

Sat 10 June 10:00am Exploring a Majors Creek property. Register:

This site is 15ha, almost square shaped, mostly grassland, with: an area of Scribbly Gum forest on the northern boundary along Majors Creek Road that may be part of the woodland community that stretches to the north and into the common; a patch of Peppermint Gums on a rise to the east; and a patch of Snow Gums along the southern edge.  There are dense patches of Kunzea and Leptospermum throughout, a spring fed dam and little stream, and the site can get quite boggy in parts after rain. There were horses on the land when the present owner arrived about 2 years ago, with the paddocks chewed down, including the edges of the dam, but after 18 months it is densely grassed, with different wildflowers and orchids coming through in different seasons. We shall hopefully add to our host's species list, and a lunch time soup will be provided.  There are no really steep areas on the site, mostly fairly gentle slopes, so it is walkable, but also a little overgrown and rough in places.  We can use the tracks to get around most of the site. Bring sturdy and waterproof shoes.

Sat 15 July 2:00pm to 4:00pm, Bringing life back to Tuggeranong Creek. Register:

Jenny Horsfield, Chair of MOTH (Minders of Tuggeranong Homestead) will explain the vital role that the wetlands and waterholes of Tuggeranong Creek played in sustaining social gatherings and ceremony before Europeans arrived in the valley. She will lead us on a walk along the old creekline on the Tuggeranong property, where MOTH has been working for over a decade to bring new life and biodiversity to the site, and which is to be reclaimed as a wetland under stage 2 of the Healthy Waterways program.  The property has many rich layers of history including its role as a leading pastoral property from the 1860s, and then as the headquarters for CEW Bean and his staff when they were writing the official history of WW1. Jenny is happy to take people around the homestead after the walk, and we hope to arrange for the managers to offer a delicious Devonshire tea for $20 pp, if at least ten of us stay on afterwards.

Early warning of FOG future events

Events and dates are indicative and may be subject to change. Details will be advised as more information is available.

Details of FOG work parties


Participants need to register for these events at least two days before the event, to confirm details of the starting locations or any last-minute changes. Note: work includes weeding, planting and rubbish removal. Herbicides are often used so these events are not suitable for young children. Tools are provided.  You need to wear gardening clothes (including hat) and solid footwear appropriate for the work and the weather, and bring your own drinking water. The work party convener may provide morning tea, making these pleasant social occasions. Events will be cancelled if the weather is unsuitable: a) the forecast is 35 deg C+, b) it is a total fire ban day, c) there is lightning, d) air quality is hazardous, or e) heavy rain.

National Lands Group - Inquiries and registration:

FOG’s National Lands Group is responsible for work on National Lands (Gurubung Dhaura /Stirling Park, Scrivener’s Hut, State Circle, Blue Gum Point & Yarramundi Grassland) managed by the National Capital Authority and Blue Gum Point managed by ACT Transport Canberra and City Services (TCCS). Work parties with 10 to 30 participants held on Sunday mornings between 8:30 am and 1 pm unless otherwise stated:

Budjan Galindji (Franklin Reserve) - Inquiries and registration:

The Budjan Galindji (Franklin Reserve) Parkcare Group is organised by FOG and ACT Parkcare. Work parties have largely focused on plant identification and removing weeds, and some planting of grasses and forbs is planned. We are working closely with Ranger Stephen. This is a great opportunity for participants in the group to learn about grassland plants and weeds and their management, and more generally how to restore our precious grasslands, including selecting, growing and reintroducing plants.  Work parties are from 9-11.30am on the first and fourth Wednesday of the month.

Hall Cemetery - Inquiries and registration:

FOG has held regular work parties at Hall Cemetery since 2009, aiming to remove weeds and restore the native grasses and wild flowers that were once present. Work parties are held from 9am-11am. You need to bring your own working tool, and dress sensibly.

Top Hut TSR, near Cooma, NSW.  Contact:

Scottsdale Monitoring.  Inquiries & contact: November 2023.

Details of Notices

Do you have any suggestions for FOG activities over winter? It’s always more difficult to think of places to visit at this time of the year, so I shall open this up to everyone for their ideas! Contact Margaret,

Sat 3 June, 6:30-10:30pm, World Environment Day dinner, ConCouncil fund raiser at the Albert Hall. To book:

Join us on a FOG table for the ConCouncil’s annual fund raiser at the Albert Hall. General Admission: $150; concession: $90 (students, seniors and those with a health care card - no evidence required). This year, the guest speaker is Richard Swain. Richard has worked for 30 years as a river guide and ecotourism operator within Kosciuszko National Park. In 2018 Richard initiated the award winning Reclaim Kosci campaign to protect Kosciuszko National Park from the impacts of feral horses. Richard recently co-directed the Where The Water Starts environmental documentary. As a Wiradjuri man and ambassador for the Invasive Species Council, Richard is currently working on the Voice for Country campaign.

Conservation Covenanted Property looking for new custodians. Contact Jenny 0466005734

This 184ha covenant occurs in the East Gippsland Uplands bioregion. It is an isolated property that abuts Bonang State Forest to the north west and cleared agricultural land to the south east The property supports two Ecological Vegetation Classes (EVCs). Montane Grassy Woodland (listed as vulnerable) covers the central bulk of the covenant and is offering significant habitat opportunities for native fauna. Shrubby Dry Forest EVC covers the remainder of the covenant. In addition to covenanted area, 3.3ha fenced ‘domestic’ space consisting of self-sustainable very comfortable weekender accommodation. Great view encompassing the Snowy, Errinundra & Tingaringy NPs. 30 mins to Delegate. Elevation 830m. Co-ordinates -37.159957 148.700931.  $700,000 neg.

For more detailed info, photos, etc. Contact Jenny 0466 005 734.

Please advertise these events among your friends and networks. Non FoG members are welcome to FoG events. For inquiries or if you have an item to include, please Contact Us