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Dear Sir/Madam

City to Commonwealth Park Light Rail 2a

Referral no: 2019/8582

Friends of Grasslands (FOG) is a community group dedicated to the conservation of natural temperate grassy ecosystems in south-eastern Australia. FOG advocates, educates and advises on matters to do with the conservation of grassy ecosystems, and carries out surveys and other on-ground work. FOG is based in Canberra and its members include professional scientists, landowners, land managers and interested members of the public.

FOG notes that this proposal will impact on the critically endangered golden sun moth (GSM) by a partial loss of a small and fractured population of the species plus removal of supporting habitat. FOG recognises that the project is proving transport infrastructure so likely to obtain approval despite this impact. However, we would like to put on record our opposition to any development impacting on a threatened species, and also raise two concerns if the project does go ahead.

The first is that of offsets. There is no indication of what offsets might be offered, and no opportunity for public scrutiny of the offset proposal. In light of continuing impacts on GSM in central Canberra, offsets need to take into consideration that the end result is likely to be a complete loss of the species throughout this area.

The second is the piecemeal nature of development proposals and approvals in relation to impacts on GSM in central Canberra. In the last three years we have seen the following referrals come through:

While we accept that the offset and mitigation for the Dudley Street upgrade (2017/8072) is reasonable, the same cannot be said of the Barton divestment referral (2017/8028). The long term result of this piecemeal approach is likely to be complete loss of GSM through the central Canberra area, with a net loss across the landscape due to not all offsets resulting in increases in GSM population on the offset sites. FOG is of the view that, before any further developments impacting on GSM are approved, there should be a strategy developed to guide Golden Sun Moth conservation in the ACT. This strategy should:

Yours sincerely


Geoff Robertson

16 December 2019