Friends of Grasslands 2017 Annual General Meeting draft minutes

Tuesday 21 March 2017

Lena Karmel Lodge, 26 Barry Drive, Acton ACT

Meeting opened 18:08.  Kim Pullen chaired the meeting.

Papers provided to the meeting were Agenda 2017, Draft Minutes 2016 and a collation of Annual Reports 2016.

1. Attendance and apologies

Present:  Janet Russell, Sarah Sharp, Andy Russell, Kim Pullen, Leon Pietsch, Kay Pietsch, Barbara Payne, Michael Bedingfield, Philip Selmes (representing ACT Parks), Geoff Robertson, John Fitz Gerald, nn Milligan, Andrew Zelnik.

Apologies:  Naarilla Hirsch, Margaret Ning, Richard Bomford, Bernadette O'Leary, Paul Archer, Kat Ng, Ross Dennis, Rosemary Blemings, Jamie Pittock, Stephen Horn.

2. Minutes of 2016 AGM

Minutes approved.  Moved Sarah Sharp, seconded Andrew Zelnik

3.  Matters arising


4.  President's Report. 

Ann Milligan and Kim Pullen have shared the role of Acting President through the year and Kim drew attention to a few of the points written in their brief Annual Report tabled:

Report accepted - moved Andrew Zelnik and Andy Russell.

Andrew Zelnik and Kim Pullen raised a motion acknowledging Ann Milligan's key roles in coordinating Presidential, Committee and Communications matters through the year.  Meeting agreed, and further thanked both Ann and Kim for carrying FOG through the year as rotating Vice Presidents.

5.  Treasurer's Report. 

Leon Pietsch spoke to the complete set of figures tabled and acknowledged on FOG's behalf the audit service by Pauline Hoare as part of her continuing support of communty groups.

Uncommitted funds at end of the year totalled $23,543
Public Fund is now in full operation, both for income and expenditure.  Pleasing to see the increased level of donations from members now that this instrument is in place.

Report accepted - moved Leon Pietsch, seconded Kim Pullen

Meeting expressed hearty appreciation to Leon for operating and upgrading the FOG accounts during his tenure as Treasurer.

6.  Other Reports.

For noting

Meeting expressed special thanks to Naarilla Hirsch for her long and distinguished term coordinating FOG advocacy team.
John Fitz Gerald thanked for his work as Secretary.

Final comment concerned on-ground work where those heavily involved at Old Cooma Common and other sites were thanked by the meeting.  It was noted positively that this work involves interactions with several other groups in Landcare sphere - notably this year Green Army and Conservation Volunteers Australia.

7.  Annual Elections. 

Andy Russell agreed to act as Returning Officer

a)  President.  Geoff Robertson was nominated by Andrew Zelnik and Janet Russell - declared elected

b)  Vice Presidents.  Kim Pullen was nominated by Ann Milligan and Andrew Zelnik.  Declared elected, leaving the second VP position vacant.

c) Secretary.  John Fitz Gerald was nominated by Ann Milligan and Andrew Zelnik.  Declared elected.

d) Treasurer.  No nominations received.  Position declared vacant.

e)  Committee.  A group of names was put forward and nominated by Janet Russell and Leon Pietsch.  Some of these were not present but had notified their willingness to be nominated.  Returning Officer thanked all for nominating and declared the following elected:- Kat Ng, Ross Dennis, Margaret Ning, Sarah Sharp, Andrew Zelnik, Barbara Payne and Paul Archer.
(Committee details to be sent to Public Officer for submission as FOG Annual Return)

8.  Public Officer. 

Andy Russell stated willingness to be appointed again as Public Officer

9.  Other motions with notice

None received

Meeting closed 18:58

A brief discussion led by new president followed, and included some suggestions by Philip Selmes about possibilities for attracting new volunteers and members to ensure that FOG's work involving the community can continue into the future.