2013 Annual General Meeting

6 pm, Tuesday 19 March 2013 Conservation Council

Draft Minutes

1.       Attendance and Apologies

Attendance:  John Fitz Gerald (Chair), Sarah Sharp, Margaret Ning, Geoff Robertson, Stephen Horn, Michael Bedingfield, Kim Pullen, Kat Ng, Janet Russell, Kris Nash, Rainer Rehwinkel, Andy Russell, Isobel Crawford, Heather Sweet, John Buckley (notetaker).

Apologies:  Helen Elliot, Dirk van Behrens, David Shorthouse, Evelyn Chia, Pamela Orr, Naarilla Hirsch, Jean Geue.

2.       Minutes of the 2012 AGM

The Draft Minutes as amended were accepted.  Moved John Buckley, Seconded John Fitz Gerald.

3.       Matters Arising out of these Minutes

Michael Bedingfield’s offer to produce a publication of his grassland plants illustrations was accepted and will be examined by the new Committee.

4.       Treasurer’s Report and Presentation of Audited Accounts

The Treasurer presented his report and commented that there had been considerable activity during what was a successful year.  Five grants had been liquidated and there was some carryover of funds including approximately $5000 of the NGA grant and a small amount from the ACTEWAGL meeting fees.  The Treasurer voiced his appreciation over the timely manner in which the President and Vice President and activities coordinators had authorized and submitted claims for payment.

A small surplus had been generated and this was placed in the new Investment Fund, from which the first grant had been made of $1000 to Brandy Mary’s.

The president encouraged members to claim for incidental expenses such as travel reimbursements.  He noted there was a standard mileage rate and a form had been developed for the reimbursement of cash claims.

The Treasurer’s Report was accepted.  Moved Stephen Horn, Seconded Isobel Crawford.

5.       Reports from Membership, Advocacy, Program, Publications, Newsletter, eBulletin, FOG-Fenner Group, Conservation Council Biodiversity Working Group, Molonglo BoB and Website (to be circulated).

Reports were tabled and will be published in the Newsletter.  Janet and Any Russell advised that they would be withdrawing from coordination of the Hall Cemetery working bees, but would continue to maintain the annual statement.

Sarah Sharp gave a brief summary of progress with the production of “Woodland Flora”, with the first draft having been completed.

Copies of the reports were distributed at the meeting.

6.       President’s Report (to be circulated).

John Fitz Gerald presented the President’s annual report and tabled copies. In doing so he said that he would be relinquishing the position after two years and thanked everyone who had assisted him in the role, particularly the Committee.

John identified the key issues in his report as:

On-ground activities.  He complimented the coordinators at Cooma Common, Hall, and the NCA areas, particularly Margaret, the Russells and Jamie Pittock.  He noted that there had been a big increase in the volunteer work on Stirling Ridge and Yarramundi.  A “Save the Stirling Park” group had been established, and the coordinators Peter and Janet McGee were FOG members and wished to maintain a close relationship with the NCA.

Rainer noted the assistance he had received in his translocation of Lepidium hyssopifolium (Aromatic Peppercress) plants, which was much appreciated.

Advocacy.  John said that this had involved a huge effort and Naarilla had done a marvelous job as convenor of the group.  Sarah had also been closely involved with the Conservation Council and the Gungahlin catchment group.

Publicity and Communications.  John thanked Heather and Isobel for their work in editing the Newsletter, Richard for the coordination of the website and the membership team.

In conclusion, the President thanked everyone who had supported FOG over the last year and moved that his report be accepted this was seconded by Isobel and agreed.

Geoff Robertson said that in supporting the motion he wished to draw attention to the National Grasslands Project that was being funded by the Myer Foundation, as this was something that had come out of FOG.  A book on grasslands was being produced and this would include sections on community involvement with FOG’s work used as an example.  Geoff also stressed the importance of publicity and education and mentioned K2C and the work to plant feed trees for the glossy black cockatoo

7.       Annual Elections

                (a)          Appointment of a Returning Officer

John FG nominated Andy Russell and this was seconded by Margaret.  Andy then took over the meeting and called for nominations for the Committee.

                (b)          Election of FOG President, Secretary, Treasurer and Committee

Andy said that nominations had been received from Sarah Sharp for President, John Fitz Gerald for Vice-President, Stephen Horn for Treasurer and Kris Nash for Secretary.  As there had been no other nominations, he declared these individuals elected.  Nominations had also been received for the following as Committee members, Andrew Zelnik, Isobel Crawford, Margaret Ning, Rainer Rehwinkel, John Buckley, Kim Pullen, Tony Lawson and Kat Ng.  In the absence of any further nominations, he declared all elected to the Committee.

Sarah assumed the Chair at 6.50 pm and paid tribute to her predecessors John Fitz Gerald and Geoff Robertson.  She hoped that they would help her in the future.

8.       Appointment of Public Officer

Sarah nominated Andy for the current year, seconded by John FG and accepted by Andy.

9.       Motions with Notice

No motions were received prior to the meeting.

10.   Other matters

At the suggestion of Stephen, a vote of thanks was recorded for the work of the Honorary Auditor Pauline Hoare.


The Meeting ended at 7 pm.