A Vision for FOG

In January 2022, Friends of Grasslands agreed to adopt a new vision, together with clarified goals and the rationale behind the vision. This goes beyond our existing statement, ‘Supporting grassy ecosystems’, and supplements the description in FoG's constitution. It aims to enunciate what FOG does and what its members stand for – as the place from which we advocate, and that frames and guides our work, statements and actions.

Many thanks to those members who provided well-considered suggestions. The outcome is all the better for that.

FOG’s vision:

Healthy, biodiverse and connected remnant native grassy ecosystems continue to support life on Earth.

FOG will achieve this vision by:


Native ecosystems and their biodiversity have intrinsic value.

Resilient native ecosystems are vital to our physical well-being through the provision of ecosystem services.

Human connections and interaction with nature and biodiversity are vital to our mental well-being.

The cultural traditions of Aboriginal peoples underpin our unique native habitats and guide the principles and implementation of sustainable and conservative use of our grassy ecosystems within the broader landscape.

Biodiversity cannot be sustained in isolated remnants.