Living Grasslands 1996

On 9 and 10 November 1996 Friends of Grasslands held a conference Living grasslands of Canberra and the southeast region, at the National Botanic Gardens in Canberra. Links are to pdf files of 1MB or less.

  1. Cover and table of contents
  2. Closing summary
    Edwina Barton
  3. The significance and status of southeastern Australian lowland grasslands - a summary and update
    Jamie Kirkpatrick, University of Tasmania
  4. Conservation of native grasslands in New South Wales
    John Benson, Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney
  5. Native grasslands restoration: a project management nightmare?
    Mike Snoad, Aquatech Environmental Consultants
  6. Conservation of vertebrate fauna in lowland grasslands
    Sandie Jones, University of Canberra
  7. Grassland invertebrates
    Kim Pullen, CSIRO Division of Entomology
  8. Identification of common grassland plants
    Talk by Isobel Crawford
    Drawings by Michael Bedingfield
  9. Grassland management in New South Wales: the evolution of an approach
    Dr Ian Garrard, NSW Department of Land and Water Conservation
  10. Native grassland conservation and the art of the possible
    Clive Thomas, Murray-Darling Basin Commission
  11. Native grasslands of high conservation value as integral components of sustainable grazing enterprises: the 'Oakley' case study
    Rainer Rehwinkel, NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service
  12. Landscaping and bush regeneration with native grassland plants
    Leon Horsnell, horticulturalist
  13. Umbagong Landcare Group: caring for Blue Devil grassland
    Janette Hannan, Umbagong Landcare Group
  14. The long-term monitoring of lowland native grassland sites in the ACT
    S Sharp and M Dunford, Wildlife Research Unit
  15. Latham Park secondary lowland grassland site