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From: Kimberi Pullen


Sent: Wednesday, August 01, 2007 10:59 PM

Subject: Letter to the editor


John K. Layton (The Canberra Times, 1 August) is entitled to feel outraged that 'some rare reptile or precious plant' could threaten a new housing estate. To him they are obstacles, but their plight is genuine. Whether we 'discover' them at West Macgregor now, or already knew they were there, does not change that. Native grasslands have been built upon, grazed out, ploughed under, sown over or become covered in weeds, leaving only remnants intact. If some of us say those remnants, and their native grasses, flowers and small creatures really are precious, we are not being sarcastic.




Kim Pullen

President, Friends of Grasslands

Watson, ACT