Friends of Grasslands Small Grants

FoG Supported Projects Small Grants 2018 - Information for Applicants

In 2017 Friends of Grasslands (FoG) commenced its Supported Projects Small Grants program. The program offers a number of small grants each calendar year to support projects that promote investment in understanding and management of grassy ecosystems. Grants are typically between $500 and $1500 each. Any individual or organisation can apply.

A grant might enable the recipient to undertake a small project, to meet some expenses with a project, to support training, and/or contribute to a larger project. Projects might include publications, research, education, on-ground work, advocacy, publicity and/or training. The July-August 2017 FoG Newsletter lists projects FoG supported in 2017.

FoG will publicise the projects it funds, and in addition may provide practical in-kind support if required. A grant recipient will need to keep FoG informed of progress, and provide support to FoG, for example by preparing a short article for the FoG newsletter, giving a talk to FoG, leading FoG visits to the project study site(s), and/or providing of a copy of any relevant project output (e.g. research paper, information brochure, educational video etc) to include an acknowledgement of the support provided by FoG.

Grant applications must be submitted within the advertised or requested date using our current calendar year FoG Supported Projects Small Grants Project Application Form. The form provides more detailed information on:

Applicants should carefully read all information and instructions provided in the form. For further information, registration of interest, and/or discussion of potential proposals, applicants are encouraged to contact the FoG Supported Projects Sub-committee at

The closing date for applications is Monday, 16 April 2018. Grant funding is expected to be made available to successful applicants no later than the end of June 2018.