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Dear Sir/Madam

Draft ACT Native Woodland Conservation Strategy

On 23 May we submitted our comments on this Strategy. We would like to add the following to attachment B of our submission.

P. 21 Box 2

Add feral goats to the list of introduced species Dingoes may help suppress.

Replace the third sentence

In the ACT, Dingoes show some hybridisation with domestic dogs and, due to their impact on sheep, are considered a pest by graziers (ACT Government, 2012a).


There are no feral dogs in the ACT (as opposed to stray dogs) and the dingoes are of high DNA purity, although their appearance does not resemble the image of the dingo promoted in Australian folk lore (Don Fletcher, pers comm; EPSDD unpublished DNA data). However, due to their impact on sheep, they are considered a pest by graziers (ACT Government, 2012a).

We realise the closing date was yesterday, but hope that you will accept this additional comment.

Yours sincerely


Geoff Robertson

26 May 2019