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Dear Sir/Madam

Demolition of existing buildings on the former CSIRO headquarters site, Campbell (WA100168)

Friends of Grasslands (FOG) is a community group dedicated to the conservation of natural temperate grassy ecosystems in south-eastern Australia. FOG advocates, educates and advises on matters to do with the conservation of grassy ecosystems, and carries out surveys and other on-ground work. FOG is based in Canberra and its members include professional scientists, landowners, land managers and interested members of the public.

FOG has a-long standing interest in endangered species and communities on and adjoining this site, and commented on the Development Control Plan (DCP) 16/01 Blocks 4 & 5 Section 38 Campbell. Our concerns included a potential lack of compatibility between the provisions of the DCP and the future viability of the endangered species and communities at and adjacent to this site. The environmental values include a significant population of the endangered Hoary Sunray (Leucochrysum albicans var. tricolor) and area of Natural Temperate Grassland (NTG) listed in the ACT Government’s Action Plan 28 as an area of conservation category 2, as well as the Golden Sun Moth population mentioned in the Planning Report (February 2017). In this regard, we note that the Planning Report mentions endangered species but ignores the endangered communities present.

The tree assessment states that “where feasible the majority of high quality trees should be maintained on the site….” but makes no recommendation about specific tree retention or removal. This is very loose and in fact could allow removal of any tree if it is decided by planners that it is necessary. The Planning Report (February 2017) does say that only tree 27 will be removed. There needs to be clarification that the proposal will only remove the one tree.

Loss of mature native trees in woodland and grassland is identified as a threatening process in the critically endangered Yellow-Box – Blakely’s Red Gum Grassy Woodland, and FOG would like to see that any removal of mature, naturally occurring trees is avoided.

The Planning Report (February 2017) also states that there will be no impact on threatened species on adjoining areas. However, it is difficult to ascertain what steps are to be taken to ensure that this will not occur. We could not find the attachments that are referred to in the mitigation section, which is presumably where these details are provided. Nor could we find any reference to protecting the area of NES in the civil plan under the protective fencing section (section 5). At the very least fences should be raised to protect the area and barriers erected to prevent damage from run-off.

Yours sincerely


Sarah Sharp

Advocacy Convenor

26 March 2017