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Dear Sir/Madam

Draft variation 349: public land overlay and zone changes

Friends of Grasslands (FOG) is a community group dedicated to the conservation of natural temperate grassy ecosystems in south-eastern Australia. FOG advocates, educates and advises on matters to do with the conservation of grassy ecosystems, and carries out surveys and other on-ground work. FOG is based in Canberra and its members include professional scientists, landowners, land managers and interested members of the public.

Noting that this variation is being undertaken to meet offset requirements for two EPBC referrals, FOG agrees in principle to draft variation 349, which proposes a nature reserve overlay to parts of blocks 1616 and 1370 in Belconnen and the rezoning of block 7 section 72 Watson from PRZ1 Urban Open Space to NUZ3 Hills, Ridges and Buffer with a nature reserve overlay.

However, FOG is concerned about the lack of detail available about the proposed management of the extension of the Pinnacle Nature Reserve (NR). In particular, we are surprised that the Offsets Management Plan is not yet available in the public domain.

In the context of the Pinnacle NR extension offset improving connectivity between the Kama and Pinnacle NRs, it is unfortunate that the William Hovell underpass is too far north to be part of this connective corridor, but we understand that the offset area is already decided.

Yours sincerely


Naarilla Hirsch
Advocacy coordinator

21 June 2016