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11 July 2007


The Editor

The Canberra Times




Dear Editor


I refer to Rosslyn Beeby's recent article (7 July 2007) about kangaroo culling. While members of Friends of Grasslands (FoG) usually appreciate Ms Beeby's insightful articles on conservation, we think she has it wrong on this occasion. FoG is very concerned about the large numbers of kangaroos at Lawson and Majura Field Firing Range, and damage being caused by overgrazing and consequent destruction of food and habitat for threatened species like the grassland earless dragon. FoG considers that the Defence Department should take immediate action to reduce kangaroo numbers, and that feeding and translocation are inappropriate. FoG has been working behind the scenes on this issue, as well as making our opposition to some aspects of the Molonglo Valley development known. Recently FoG and the ACT Herpetological Association made a submission to the ACT Flora and Fauna Committee to list the pink-tailed worm-lizard as a vulnerable species, especially as its habitat is threatened by the proposed Molonglo Valley development.


FoG is pleased that Ms Beeby raises such issues. FoG deplores the poor management of some grassy remnants around Canberra and their destruction by neglect, ignorance, or greed. Despite Canberrans being better informed about local precious grassy ecosystems, these and the threatened species they contain are still seriously in decline: resources for conservation are starved, and development planning tends to pay scant attention to biodiversity. FoG appreciates that some parts of government, at all levels, and the conservation community are doing all that is possible to protect and manage our biodiversity.


Geoff Robertson





FoG Vice President



[Published in The Canberra Times, 18 July 2007]